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Fundraise for Paws and Stripes 

Paws and Stripes has partnered with Facebook, GoFundMe, GiveButter and Tiltify to help you rally support through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising.


By creating your own fundraiser on one of these sites, you can energize your community to help those who need it most. 


You can help provide support to our nation’s heroes and the dogs that stand beside them.

If you are passionate about our mission, you can do pretty much anything to help us! Creating a campaign or event page is a fantastic way to fundraise for our rescue dogs and military heroes. You can ask for donations, run a race, host a dinner party or workplace fundraiser, or you can even sell lemonade. Whatever you enjoy doing, it can be used to help. It only takes a few minutes to set up, so sign up today and be sure to check out our Guidelines and FAQs here to get a better understanding of the process before registering. 


Ask for donations instead of birthday or holiday gifts, wedding donations in lieu of favors, run a race, host a dinner party or workplace fundraiser, sell lemonade or do something quirky! Whatever your passion, it only takes a few minutes to set up, just sign up with us! 

More information? Contact Jasmin Perry.





Engage your friends and family on Facebook to help provide support to veterans in crisis.


You can raise money centered around your birthday or for any other occasion that inspires you to take action without ever leaving Facebook.



is a crowdfunding platform designed to help streamers raise money for their favorite causes while they live stream whatever they love doing. Build campaigns in 5 minutes and access a variety of tools that connect your live stream and social media accounts. 

Check out our P2P Fundraising Toolkit for great ideas and tips to organize and kick off your fundraiser! 


go fund me

Join other supporters by using GoFundMe Charity to provide help and hope to those in need.


Check out some of the more popular ideas below, choose the one that works best for you, and then follow the instructions to get going! 



Take your fundraising efforts a step further by using Instagram to help raise awareness and expand your audience reach!


Add a donation sticker to your Instagram story and empower your followers to provide help and hope to those in need.



Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Paws and Stripes! By creating a P2P fundraiser, you can energize your community to help improve the quality of life for veterans and shelter dogs in need. 

Why Paws and Stripes Needs Your Help

​Almost every hour a veteran succumbs to suicide. The funds you raise will help provide an enhanced quality of life to veterans who struggle severely with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), military sexual trauma (MST), and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

  • $30,000 can sponsor 1 team's entire program through graduation!
  • $7,500 can cover 1 year of a team's training and case management.
  • $3,000 can cover 1 year of a veteran's individual therapy.
  • $1,000 can cover the initial veterinary checks and supplies for one dog.
  • $500 can cover the cost of one veteran's enrollment.
  • $250 can get one dog selected by their veteran.
  • $100 can cover one team's training services for a week.
  • $50 can cover one veteran's mental health services for a week.

Gifts to Paws and Stripes Change Lives

Do your friends and family know how many people Paws and Stripes helps each year? Make your fundraiser a success by sharing the real numbers behind our work.

  • Euthanization: 3-4 million pets per year

  • TBI: 10-20% veterans suffered from a TBI while deployed. Over 325 military cases since 2000.

  • Families: Males with PTSD are 2-3 times more likely to commit domestic violence

  • PTSD: 30% of OIF/OEF veterans treated at the VA are diagnosed with PTSD (Vietnam 30% & Gulf War Era (10%).

  • Divorce: Up 46% in the Army – rates for Veterans with PTSD were 2x greater than for veterans without PTSD

  • Suicide: #22aday – people suffering from PTSD are six times more likely to commit suicide

  • Unemployment: 25% for vets under 25

  • New Mexico: Highest percentage of mental health illness

  • NM Veteran Population: 13% of all adults. Nearly 35,000 NM Veterans have a diagnosed service related disability with thousands more not rated by the VA Hospital

  • Treatment: 50% of vets with PTSD do not seek treatment and only half of those that do receive “minimally adequate treatment.

Paws and Stripes Success

For a couple reasons!

  • 71% report more quality sleep
  • 85% spend more time with family and friends
  • 85% feel more comfortable visiting public places and attending social events
  • 57% Drive more often
  • A 82% reduction of PTSD symptoms have been reported
  • Between 2010-2020 we reached 100 graduating veteran + dog teams!

Paws and Stripes Service Animals Help

  • Alert to increasing pain levels
  • Remind to take medication
  • Awake from nightmares
  • Assist them to go out in public
  • Retrieve dropped items


Setting Up Your Fundraiser

No matter what channel you choose to reach your network in support of Paws and Stripes, you can utilize these great tips to get your fundraiser ready to go!

  • Set a Goal. Pick a number that you feel is achievable for your personal fundraising goal – you can always edit this on your page once you get a feel for the campaign. Keep in mind that donors like to see your progress and are more motivated to give if the goal is close.

  • Make it Personal. Update your fundraising page with personal touches: Upload a good photo, preferably one showing your support for Paws and Stripes. Tell your story on why this effort is important to you. Consider uploading a short video, perhaps of you carrying out the support of Paws and Stripes. A few examples of some great personal pages can be found Here, Here, and Here.

  • Self-Donations. Consider making a donation to your page to get things started, even if it's small it will show you believe in your own efforts!

Activating Your Network

Use email, social media, and your creativity to spark interest and start engaging your personal network with your fundraising efforts.

  • Draft Potential Donor List. Think of people that you can count on for their support – friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

  • Segment your Donors. For best results, contact your potential donors in the way that is best for them. While sending a group email might be the easiest method for you, a personal letter or phone call to key contacts might be best for them. Lay out your approach and group your contacts by the best form of contact. Start with friends and family, co-workers, and fellow volunteers.

  • Email. Email drives more donations then social media. If possible, try emailing in small batches, such as 10, instead of larger batches. Making everyone feel slightly less anonymous will lead to more engagement.

  • Social Media. Use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to update your supporters about your fundraising campaign but don't solely rely on it, remember to engage supporters in other ways.

  • Turn-it-Around Fundraising. Remember those people that have asked you to buy products they sell, purchase cookies from their kids, support school events and donate to their charitable fundraisers? Now is the time to turn around and ask them to support your efforts!

  • Start Small and Build. Recruit a few close supporters to donate before you let your network know about your efforts. Having a few donations to start off can make people feel like they are part of an already successful campaign.

  • Use Numbers. Find a creative way to ask for support using numbers. Ask people to donate $12 on the 12th of the month, or to donate the total of their birthday (month plus day).

  • Ask, Ask, Ask. People want to support you, but everyone is busy and forgets. Follow up with your supporters, send updates to help remind them of your efforts and personalize your requests.

Keeping up the Momentum

Try out some of these tactics to keep your supporters motivated and your fundraising strong!

  • Update Often. Don’t just send out asks, send out updates on your progress as well. Let your donors know when you’ve reach certain milestones, or if there has been an exciting update from Paws and Stripes. Consider updating the photos on your page as well, finding unique ways to show your progress.

  • Check your Progress. Check your fundraising page statistics regularly to understand what's working.

  • Use Deadlines. Work towards specific dates and milestones to create some urgency and rally support; donors can be more inclined to give if they know there’s an approaching deadline.

  • Thank Them. Be sure to personally thank your supporters, either by email, phone, eCards or in person; they want to know you appreciate them! Be sure to include an update on the campaign’s progress.

Helping One Veteran Enroll – Raising $500

$500 can provide Enrollment Services to one Veteran. Here is a potential plan of how you can reach $500 through your network!

  • Make a self-donation of $20 - $20

  • Ask your significant other to donate $25 - $45

  • Reach out to 3 close family members for $40 each - $165

  • Ask your closest friend for $50, or two friends for $25 - $215

  • Ask 5 co-workers for $10 each - $265

  • Post a message on social media with a link to your page $150 - $415

  • Reach out to your extended family for support $85 - $600!

Learn More About Fundraising for Paws and Stripes: Online Fundraising FAQs

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising is a method of raising money that encourages supporters to utilize their own network to raise money on behalf of an organization. Supporters use an online platform to engage their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to donate to a fundraising page that directs funds to the nonprofit organization.

Why start a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign?

  • A P2P fundraising campaign for Paws and Stripes is the best way for an individual to increase their impact for an organization (especially for those who may not be able to make a large personal donation).

    • Starting a fundraising campaign is an easy and effective way to raise money to provide help and hope to neighbors that need it most. Individuals, corporations, community groups and others can create their own teams and help raise valuable support for those in need.

  • How does peer-to-peer fundraising work at Paws and Stripes?

    • Individuals – called fundraisers – reach out to people they know and ask them to donate to Paws and Stripes cause the fundraiser is supporting. Fundraisers for Paws and Stripes will create a fundraising page on Facebook or GoFundMe Charity, an online fundraising website, where they can upload personal pictures and post details about why they are supporting the organization.

    • Fundraisers will then send message to their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. that includes a link to their fundraising page and ask for donations. Messages are often sent by email and social media.

  • Fundraisers are able to see donations that are made to their page, post updates to their supporters and even create a team and recruit additional fundraisers to join them.

    • One key concept of P2P fundraising is to spread support through the fundraiser’s contacts, helping expand the reach of a cause beyond the organization’s usual audience.

  • How your peer-to-peer fundraising helps veterans and shelter dogs?

    • You can make a difference and help those in need by starting a P2P fundraiser and inviting your family and friends to join you in supporting our life-saving efforts. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and supporters like you, Paws and Stripes is able to improve the quality of life for 10 veteran + dogs teams and their families each year. Your support helps us continue to bring hope, comfort, and care to countless children and families. We appreciate your help!

sample messaging

Email Template A:

Subject line: "Please Help Save Two Lives”

Dear {Name},

I'm emailing to let you know that I'm raising money for Paws and Stripes and it would mean so much to me if you could support my campaign with a donation. Please Click Here {LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE} to give. It'll take about ten seconds and any donation, large or small, is so appreciated. Here are some quick facts about Paws and Stripes ...{YOUR FAVORITE COMPELLING FACTS ABOUT PAWS AND STRIPES.}

Again, to support my campaign please Go Here {LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE} and click on the Donate button.

Thanks so much for your support!


Email Template B:

Subject Line: Spreading the word…

Dear {NAME},

I wanted to reach out and ask for some quick help. Spreading the word about Paws and Stripes is the single best way to help gain awareness and much needed money for my favorite cause.

So, I'm emailing everyone I know to ask them to share my fundraising page {INSERT LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE} with their friends and family. A social media share on Facebook or Twitter, or an email to your closest friends would be great and help me so much. If you're willing to share, can you please send everyone this link: {LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE} and ask them to check it out?

Thank you for your support!


Social Media Templates

  • LAUNCH your campaign with this message: I’m helping to support the relief efforts of Paws and Stripes by raising $200! Please join me by donating here {LINK TO YOU FUNDRAISING PAGE}. A $10 donation can go towards getting a veteran enrolled in our program or rescuing a shelter dog.

  • UPDATE your supporters with this message: I’m close to reaching my goal of raising $200 to help @PawsAndStripes provide comfort and hope to those in need! Will you consider a gift to sponsor me and help me reach my goal? {LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE}

  • THANK a donor with this message: Thank you {@nameofdonor} for donating to support me and this important cause! Together are making a difference to those in need.

  • ASK for more support with this message: My fundraiser is ending soon– can you help me finish strong and reach my goal? Just $20 can go towards helping a veteran and rescued dog live the rich lives they deserve. Please sponsor me and donate to: {LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE}.

  • CELEBRATE your successful campaign with this message: We did it! With your support, I raised {$TOTAL} and contributed towards the helping of those who need it most. Together, we helped @PawsandStripes deliver its mission of providing animal assisted therapy to military veterans with PTSD, MST, and TBI using rescue dogs; saving lives, two at a time.