We're turning 11!

Celebrate with us for the next three weeks as we share some of the best milestones and achievements from the Paws and Stripes family including team graduation, never before seen footage of our veterans and their service dogs, and a virtual BIRTHDAY party on June 18th. All happening on here and on social media.

Sneak Peek of What's Goin' on Next Week...

Mental Health Education

Learn more about Paws and Stripes, and the unique programs we offer that incorporates the relationship between human and dog with therapy through dog training, mental health, psych-education, and peer support.

Impact Story: Melissa & Clutch

For our birthday, we want to celebrate our graduating teams. Enjoy this spotlight on Melissa and Clutch who graduated during COVID!

"If you’ve ever seen a selection before, you would know that you can tell when there’s a connection between the dog and the person. It was obvious with Clutch and I, from the very first time that we were introduced to each other, that there was definitely something different there...”

Celebration of 2021 Graduates

Watch our 2021 Graduates walk the stage after completing their training during the pandemic.

Service Dog Education

At Paws and Stripes, we train Mobility Assist Service Dogs that may also assist in other tasks. Service animals may be trained to interrupt a flashback, nightmare, panic attack, anxiety attack, self-harm, disassociation, freezing out of fear, and repetitive behaviors.

Learn more about why knowing the difference between a #servicedog and #emotionalservicedog is important!